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Mônica Coteriano



Mônica Coteriano is a choreographer, dancer, performer, songwriter, singer, light designer and many other vibrant attributes and it ends there! Loves life and people and carries that experience to her creative fields. Born in Mozambique, grew up in the south of China (Macao) and went on to university in Lisbon (Portugal) and London! This girl is from the world so naturally embraced the performing arts. Her calling lead her to dance, towards Lisbon where she attended Escola Superior de Dança, majoring in dance performance. She completed her studies at London Contemporary Dance School receiving her One Year Certificate. Back in Lisbon worked with several Portuguese choreographers and join the cultural association Bomba Suicida. Together with this collective of artists created, apart from million events they did and performed, one of the most fun and memorable events in Lisbon The Sunday Show. Invited by Festival Temps D’Image got together with two of the most brilliant Portuguese musicians Dead Combo in which resulted a piece called Window where she sang and from then on decided that she could and wanted to sing. Singing is in her soul and from then on every piece she created she wrote and sang until her voice reclaims silence!

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